Having started its activities as a company since 2006, “Xansaray” LLC has reached the great achievements in the Azerbaijan construction sector with its high quality services and its professional and skilled staff over a short period of time. The customer satisfaction being our major priority, as well as the trusting environment of cooperation we have built with our customers are part of the main factors which distinguish us from our competitors and stimulate the long-term continuity of our business.

We have to mention that Xansaray is the first Azerbaijan company providing a professional application of all types of government registered insulation and floor coating systems in compliance with international standards. 

Furthermore, our general field of activity being the construction and repair works, we are performing also a variety of construction works as the roof and façade covering, the masonry, the plastering and painting works, the gypsum board partitions, the pipe and cable installation, backfilling after insulation and etc. at a high quality and professional level.

Besides the implementation of the above-mentioned works, our company provides the most advantageous, the best quality and the strongest work details and the materials too for the related works.

The advanced techniques and equipments we use for the works we are carrying out, a professional staff being trained accordingly and regularly at home and abroad and the cooperative relationships we have developed with internationally renowned companies, are the warranty of the quality of our services.

Having achieved huge successes with a speedy development on our business, we became the focus of the companies having large financial resources.

The fact that a range of world’s leading manufacturers of building materials collaborate particularly with us in Azerbaijan and even entrusting only to us the high-quality application of their materials they are supplying to the construction projects where they are participating, they recommend particularly us as an applicator company, is a concrete evidence of that.

Today we are proud to notify that through its services, our company has contributed to the largest and important for our country, construction projects realized in Azerbaijan over the last years.

The reason why we continue to get a place in such projects is our reputation that we have gained with the quality of the works we have realized and that we are trying to protect by maintaining the high quality level.

To prove the importance that we give to the precision, quality and reliability of the works through the works we are realizing is always our most important goal, the works we bring forth having accomplished are the main reference source for our company.

Contact information

3 Hasan Majidov Street, Baku 1141, Azerbaijan

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